Club Facts

The Hudson Sidekicks Booster Club has contributed to major initiatives in support of the boys and girls soccer teams throughout the years in addition to the general funding that is contributed each year.


  • Club established
  • Conducted the first Sidekicks Youth Clinic


  • WIAA mandate requiring post season high school games to be played on soccer only fields starting with the 2007 season.
  • Began discussions with Hudson School District requesting a larger track be installed at the Middle School that could accommodate a standard 120 X 70 yard soccer field.
  • Began discussions regarding new soccer stadium improvements


  • Achieved 501 (c)(3) status for the club (non-profit status)
  • Established a tentative stadium plan.  Organized volunteers and began a fund-raising campaign to raise $80,000 for stadium improvements.
  • Began soliciting grants and donations from philanthropic organizations in the community
  • Purchased and installed World Cup style goals and European style players benches
  • First year of play on new field!


  • Bleachers were installed
  • Lights & Scoreboard were installed


  • New Varsity uniform kits & duffle bags
  • “New” Junior Varsity uniforms & duffle bags (from the Varsity team)


  • Five (5) $500 Scholarships given out to Hudson Senior Soccer players  (Girls & Boys)
  • State-of-the-Art Sound System

To date the Hudson Sidekicks have provided more than $130,000 and countless volunteer hours for the improvements at the Middle School soccer complex.